Reasons To Replace Roof Rather Than Repairing The Old

A roof complements the architecture of a building and contributes to its durability over the years, so proper maintenance, checking and repairs are needed periodically. Changes in temperature, as well as wind, rain, snow, dust etc. are just a few of the factors that directly affect the roof, its integrity and aspect, with direct consequences on the indoor comfort and safety.

When repairs are no longer effective, the roof needs to be replaced.  We are mostly talking about old roofs here, or about defective roofs, with design or installation problems. In some cases, building owners may also choose to replace a roof that is still functional, when its appearance is no longer aesthetically satisfying, and the materials used in its construction are outdated.


What can be repaired?

Generally, people do not attach much importance to roof maintenance until the first signs of degradation become obvious. For example, if you notice cracks in the ceiling, they may be caused by a leaking roof and water infiltrations. In this case, black spots on the ceiling and walls will appear eventually, indicating mold problems. These are effects that occur in the presence of high moisture levels and they must be addressed quickly to prevent bigger problems.

Most roof problems can be fixed if they are detected in the right time, before they turn into costly disasters. Making small repairs more often is much better than ignoring the roof until you are forced to deal with its replacement, and that`s because repairs are cheaper and less soliciting than a roof replacement.


Prevention methods

A new roof is quite resistant so it will not cause problems for a long time. Even the most common roofing materials have 10-15 year warranties, not to mention the best materials that may come with 50-year warranties.

However, prevention is the best way to avoid costly repairs or an early roof replacement. It is recommended to schedule inspections and maintenance operations twice a year, to allow specialists to check the integrity of the roof, on a regular basis. This way, problems and vulnerabilities can be detected early and prevented from becoming worse.


In which consists a roof renovation?

When you want quality, it is best to call on a team of specialists who have the equipment and materials needed for such work. Of course, you can attempt to do at least some of these operations on your own, but keep in mind that  working at height is demanding and dangerous, and the results may not be as satisfying as you expect, if you are not trained in roofing.

Roof renovation typically takes place in several stages. First, all untreated areas are covered and protected with foils. The next step is washing the roof and removing moss, dirt and other debris. Cleaning gutters and downspouts is another important part of this process. Then come the necessary repairs: replacing tiles or other damaged or missing materials and, if necessary, repairing the wood structure. The first step really is to find a great and one of the highly recommended roofing companies Dallas Texas has to offer.  Finally, the roof is treated with eco-friendly substances to protect it from the formation of vegetation.