If you’re looking to find the best short term rentals San Antonio offers, you have to keep in mind that the city is more dynamic and the rental market here is more volatile than you might expect. As a result, moving to San Antonio this summer can be a real adventure, but it can also turn into a truly amazing experience, as long as you play your cards right.

What Should You Look for?

San Antonio is a large and busy city south of Austin that can make for a perfect place to rent a new apartment. Regardless of whether you’re interested in a smaller place or a large, luxury apartment with multiple bedrooms and all the bells and whistles, you can get a lot of great options especially close to the downtown area.short term apartment rentals

Apartment buildings come in all shapes and sizes in San Antonio, from the smaller establishments near Pecan Springs Road, to the newly built, towering buildings on Ninth Street and Rowley Road. If you’re looking for the best, these are certainly great areas to start searching, however, you can also find impressive apartments to rent close to Town Hill, Midtown and Terrell Hills.

As for the interior, you’ll find that modern, lavishing apartments are commonplace in San Antonio. The best apartments to rent in San Antonio will likely feature a full range of brand new, highly advanced kitchen appliances, smart features, new paint and flooring, beautiful interior décor items and a complete assortment of electronics that you can use without worrying about the need for repairs.

You can also spot the best San Antonio apartments simply by looking for cozy interiors that blend modern features and shiny decoration items with wood tones, refined hardwood flooring and all you might expect from a tranquil, traditional home.

The Typical Pricing You Can Expect

How much should you expect to spend on the best apartments for rent in the area? While San Antonio isn’t the cheapest place in Texas, you can certainly find good quality apartments around the $1,000 mark. The cheapest ones go for about $800, but most experts will recommend that you add at least another $400-$500 to that price, if you want above average value.

The best apartments, however, can go for more than $2,000, with some apartment buildings nearer to downtown San Antonio featuring prices of up to $5,000/month.

Finding the Best Apartments

You can use online services to find everything you need. From smaller, less expensive apartments to the most lavishing and beautifully designed places to live in San Antonio, all the latest offers can be found on sites like Zillow and apartments.com.

Special websites and services that can provide you with a more timely view of the latest MLS offers are also available, if you want to go the extra mile and pay for a higher quality service. Although this might sound like a stretch if you’re just looking around, it can be the best way to find your dream home, if you’re serious about locating the best apartments to rent in San Antonio.