Looking To Changing Your Career Path

If you are currently thinking of changing career paths in the Mile-High City and you want to learn a new trade or to become qualified and more experienced in a practical filed, getting an apprenticeship in Denver might be exactly what you need. Apprenticeship programs designed to offer candidates the opportunity to learn skills related to a specific trade are readily offered by numerous local companies, mostly in fields related to construction, so if you find the opportunity attractive, here is what you need to know about these programs.

Trades that You Can Learn Through Apprenticeship Programs

Apprenticeship programs are offered for entry-level positions in areas that require specific skills and technical knowledge. The most common trades that can be learned through apprenticeship include carpentry, electrical repairs and maintenance, iron work, woodwork, painting, plumbing, welding, the maintenance and repair of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, pipefitting and glass fitting.

How Does an Apprenticeship Program Work?

The approved applicants for a specific apprenticeship program will be required to complete an introductory phase during which the employer will determine whether the candidates are indeed interested, committed and capable of learning the trade. The apprenticeship starts after this preliminary phase and it involves practical training on the job site during the day and the attending of in-classroom education to acquire the necessary theoretical background in the evenings. Most programs last for 3-4 years, after which the participants take an exam to obtain the license necessary to practice the skilled trade of choice.

The Benefits of Getting an Apprenticeship in Denver

Apprenticeship programs offer valuable practical and theoretical knowledge in trades that are in high demand. The knowledge is offered without requiring the apprentice to pay for the tuition, what’s more, apprenticeship is a form of paid employment, so you will receive remuneration for your work and you will be able to extend your knowledge as well. You can also expect the salary that you receive to go through quick and significant increase after you complete the apprenticeship training and you can also choose to continue your education in the selected field.

How to Apply for an Apprenticeship Program in Denver

The application process for one of the apprenticeships Denver area program is very similar to the steps you need to follow in the case of a job application. First of all, you need to decide about the skill you want to learn – you can research job roles online to find out as much as you can about the tasks and activities related to a specific trade. In the following phase you will have to prepare a resume and a cover letter to inform the companies that provide apprenticeships about your intention to join. Since you want to become an apprentice, you probably don’t have significant experience in the field you want to work in, so try to highlight the qualities that make you a great candidate. If the prospective employer finds your application attractive, you will be invited for an interview where you will be asked to back up what you said about your qualities in the resume and to provide more details about your previous education or carrier.

Getting an apprenticeship in Denver is a great way to commence a new carrier – start browsing available programs and you will see that opportunities come in a very wide range.