M&A consultants

You need a mergers and acquisitions consultant (M&A consultants) when you need step-by-step assistance to sell a business. That is, in all cases.

A business consulting company will advise you on the entire mergers and acquisition process, in order to simplify your work, but also to protect your business. Thus, it can offer you assistance regarding the fiscal consequences of the acquisitions, both in the case of the individual ones, and when an association is desired.

Extremely important is the assistance provided regarding the realization of forecasts on the financial obligations to be due after the conclusion of mergers and acquisitions. With the support of a business consulting firm, it will be much easier for you to establish your tax obligations without making an effort.

At the same time, a business consulting company can offer you assistance when you want to make a sale, as it will offer you guidance to prepare the necessary documentation for the sale, as well as recommendations on the necessary reorganization measures, before making the transaction.

Last but not least, M&A consultants can help you choose the right time to make transactions. In making these transactions, time is very precious, and if you benefit from professional help, it will be much easier to check the tax history of the company you want to merge or make forecasts on the analysis of tax implications depending on business developments.

Services offered during the pre-purchase period

Financial due diligence

The main objective here is to create and organize the various mergers and acquisition transactions, by gathering, reviewing and evaluating the financial situation of the businesses involved, through the financial due diligence process. This process aims at assessing the financial risks associated with the company intended to be acquired, for the period subject to the review. The financial due diligence process is carried out based on procedures established by mutual agreement, of the information obtained following the meetings with the representatives of the target company and of the analysis of a specific set of documents (previous fiscal control reports, profit tax returns, income statements and other tax returns etc.). This process is completed by preparing a brief summary of the identified financial issues, accompanied by a thorough report on all the associated risks based on existing information.

Structuring the transactions

Specialists offer assistance to either the seller or the buyer in the pre-acquisition stage. In order to optimize the structuring of transactions, they approach various financial aspects, collaborating closely with other specialists in their network, specialized in financial systems of other jurisdictions.

Financial structuring services include:

  • Creating effective investment structures;
  • Financing alternatives for the acquisition of companies, acquisitions with specific financing structures (“leveraged buy-outs”),securities issues, listings on stock exchanges;
  • Analyzing financial implications stemming from mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations;
  • Simulation of several possible scenarios regarding the transactions and evaluation of their financial consequences;
  • Financial planning for local and international mergers.

Mergers and acquisitions consultants also offer pre- and post-acquisition restructuring tax consulting services.