A golf course community is a type of housing development constructed around a golf course – those already living in such a residential area know that it is a dream come true, so here are a few details that will answer the question why live in golf course community and will convince you, too, that it is the best thing in the world.

Restrictions for Improved Safety and a Relaxed Atmosphere

Golf course communities are usually protected against unauthorized access and in most cases the housing units in golf course neighborhoods are available only for people in certain age groups, such as for people over the age of 55. These restrictions mean that your neighbors will be roughly of your age and you can enjoy the superior safety offered by the staffed gates around the community.

Having neighbors of your age also means that you can probably meet people who share your interests, your hobbies and your take on life as well, so a golf course community is an excellent place for making new friends as well.

The Properties

The homes in golf course communities are members of homeowner’s associations, so they are all well-maintained and properly taken care of. The public spaces are also groomed, cleaned and regularly maintained, so you can be sure your home in the community and the surroundings will always be in top shape.

The properties in golf course communities are also considered to be prestigious homes that don’t depreciate as other properties outside golf courses do. The value of golf course homes is also due to the spectacular scenery that surrounds them – golf courses are usually located on beautiful landscapes and the homes in these communities share the views with the courses.

Most golf course communities occupy large plots of land, but they are not crowded, so the plots of land that the homes are built on are fairly large. Size in this case means not only more comfort, but more privacy as well – you can comfortable walk over to meet your neighbors in their home, but if you don’t want to, you can be sure that your private will not be disturbed in any way.


Golf course communities are usually upscale neighborhoods that provide not only spacious and comfortable residential spaces, but ample amenities as well. The most obvious way to enjoy the community features is a day spent chasing the ball on the golf course, but the communities give home to lots of other facilities, such as tennis courts, swimming pools, the clubhouse in the center of the golfing area, fitness centers, bars, pubs and restaurants as well.

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Community Life

The communities in golf course neighborhoods are never boring. Residents organize all sorts of events, such as barbeque parties, yard sales, sporting competitions, even small festivals.

If you still have doubts and you are not convinced that you have found the answer to the question why live in a golf course community, look at Castle Pines Village homes for sale in your area and schedule a visit with a reliable realtor and see how great it really is to live in one of these beautiful, pleasant and safe communities.