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During the last decade, computers have become essential tools for all kinds of businesses and have increased the need for managed IT services Denver area. Apart from running software suites that help people work more efficiently, they fulfill a critical role: they store data.

And data is the most valuable asset for most businesses. They contain confidential client agreements, accounting records, sales data, the employees’ personal data, etc. Without these data, most businesses would be unable to function.

The Impact of Data Loss on Businesses

If a computer malfunctions and you lose the data on it, your business is seriously at risk. According to statistics:

  • 94% of companies never fully recover after a major data loss incident
  • 70% of small businesses close within 12 months after data loss
  • 43% of small businesses never reopen after losing their data.

So, how does data get lost? And what is the role of a computer backup plan in this issue?

How Does Computer Malfunction Cause Data Loss?

Computers can break down in several ways. In many cases, they can be repaired or you can replace a defective part. However, when the hard disk drive (HDD) breaks down, you may be unable to fix it.

Or, if repair is possible, it may come with the cost of losing all the data stored on it. In other cases, a HDD can be held hostage by hackers, who encrypt all the data on it. They will ask you to pay a lot of money to give you back access to your information. Paying this cyber ransom is no guarantee that the hackers will actually do what they said.

What Is a Computer Backup Plan?

Data backup is the process of creating a copy of all your files and folders and storing it in a different location than the computer where it is originally stored. Many IT admins create an entire virtual image of a computer HDD, allowing you to restore not only your files and folders, but also all the software suites installed on that computer.

Here are just a few best practices for creating a strong computer backup plan:

  1. Create a Schedule for Data Backup

You should create a schedule for backing up all the data on the computers in your business. Once every month, you should instruct all your employees to back up their data on the storage facility you have selected.

  1. Consider Where You Save Backup Copies

The next step is considering where you keep backup copies of your data. You have several options:

  • Another computer
  • An external HDD
  • A memory stick
  • CD/DVD
  • Cloud storage services.

The most important consideration is the safety of the backup solution. A computer, HDD or memory stick can malfunction. CDs and DVDs are easily broken or stolen. In this context, cloud storage services appear the safest option.

  1. Control the Access to Data Backup

Once you decide where to backup company data, you must decide who can access it, in order to restore lost documents. This access should be restricted to the persons who actually perform data restoring, and to you, as the business owner.

This Why You Need Managed IT Services Provider

Managed IT services are an important resource for small businesses. Having an in-house IT services company is a huge commitment that can be expensive. A Managed IT service team can provide a full IT department for your small business or handle specific business technology tasks and projects. The benefits of this managed services model are numerous. For one thing, it is more cost effective than hiring multiple employees to handle all aspects of your IT managed services. There are also no recruitment costs or new hire training expenses.

Many companies have experienced this problem and have sought out a managed services provider. These technology services providers offer a wide range of services that help businesses manage their IT needs. These managed service providers can include infrastructure-as-a-service, desktop-as-a-service, and security. A managed IT service team will provide your business with round-the-clock support for any IT issues, where and individual IT person is limited on how much they can handle. These services can also help you to save your time and money.

If you are looking for a managed IT services provider in Denver for your business, you’ll find that many of them specialize in different areas of technology services including managed security services for your entire network. A Denver-based company, for example, called Lark IT, offers end-to-end managed IT services, including cybersecurity support, web development and digital marketing, and IT consulting. To ensure that you’re working with a highly reputable company, you’ll need to read online reviews of each potential provider. Make sure the provider has a minimum rating and a reputation for being a trusted partner.

When you use a managed IT support services, you’ll be able to save time and money. Instead of worrying about the next technical issue, you can focus on other important things for your business. Using a consulting services provider based in Denver Colorado, it means that your staff can focus on other important tasks and let them handle your digital transformation including your cloud infrastructure. The company’s consultants will handle all of the day-to-day tasks. They can even handle the most complex IT needs to meet your company objectives and give the much needed data protection.

Unlike a local IT manager, an MSP will be able to offer remote support and a dedicated team and is cost effective. The service will keep your employees and customers connected, while the company will monitor your systems. The MSP will be able to monitor and diagnose problems, and will resolve them quickly. They’ll take care of any issues and work with you to prevent future ones. And they can even help you with disaster recovery.

Managed IT services also help you prevent downtime. With a managed IT service provider, the IT team can monitor your network from a remote location and prevent any downtime that could be costly for your business. In addition, you’ll be able to see how much money your network is costing your business. This way, you’ll know where your money is going and what’s making you more money.

If you’re worried about the cost of an IT service company, you might want to consider a managed IT service. It’s possible that a Denver-based managed IT service provider will be less expensive than an in-house IT department. The Denver MSP will also help you with security. They will monitor and prevent cyber-attacks, and keep your company safe and protected. These services will improve the efficiency of your business.

Managed IT services are an excellent choice for any small business in Denver. You’ll be able to outsource most of your IT responsibilities to an MSP. A Denver managed IT service team can monitor and maintain your business servers. They will ensure that they’re running smoothly and that they don’t cause any problems. They’ll also help you set up your network. A MSP can also help you manage your email system. A great MSP will help you avoid the headaches that come with a lack of IT knowledge.

There are several benefits to using a Managed IT service in Denver CO who provide excellent service. First of all, a managed IT service agemcy can help you access the latest technology. They can even take care of the most complex and advanced hardware for your business. This means you don’t have to worry about a single thing. With a managed IT service, you can focus on business goals, not on your IT.