The idea of turning a storage unit into an office is definitely not a new one. Business owners and startups have been searching for a long time to find a practical way to cut costs and ensure they can still run a brick and mortar business without difficulty. Running it from a storage unit might be a dream come true in some cases, since the rent is low, the space is ample, and you don’t have to worry about anyone bothering you when you’re hard at work.

Unfortunately, not all Colorado Springs storage facilities allow for these types of activities. Still, those that do can allow you to reduce some of the costs of running a regular business. However, you will have to find out whether the specific activities you want to manage are actually allowed.

storage facilities in Colorado Springs

The Appeal of a Storage Unit

Storage units can be chosen based on your specific needs. The size, the amenities, the interior structure – all of them can be adjusted to what you want. Of course, for some details to change, you might have to choose a certain storage facility over another, but the point is you still have a lot of options at your disposal nonetheless.

The great thing about storage facilities in Colorado Springs is that they can be arranged in any way you want them. Need to start a video studio that you don’t have room for at home? Want to consider running a small retail shop or dollar store? None of that will be a problem. All you have to do is contact a storage provider that will be willing to allow your efforts to come to fruition, and then start working hard until you get it done.

Types of Businesses You Can Run from a Storage Unit

Not all businesses can be run from a small storage unit. However, some are definitely an option. As mentioned earlier, video or photo studios can work because the amount of space needed is quite small, and you can easily decorate the space if needed, or bring in the right equipment. A dollar store would also be a good idea, although you’ll have to be careful about which provider you choose, since many of them will not be happy with the idea that you’re running a store from one of their units.

A storage unit can also be a peaceful place to work as a content provider or repair person. Any type of work that involves you working quietly at a computer or a desk will be pretty much a great idea here. Moreover, a larger storage unit can also be a great place to handle vintage sales, whether you’re selling classic cars, old furniture or memorabilia.

As you can see, there are plenty of profitable businesses that can run quite well out of a storage facilities in Colorado Springs. In most cases, all you have to do is set up your business and get to work, and you’ll get results similar to when you’d rent a space somewhere downtown – except you only have to pay an extremely small amount for it.