Jay Z and Beyoncé, as a couple, have always made the headlines for all right reasons, and 2017 is no different to it. They are officially recognized as the billion-dollar couple of 2017. To add a feather to her hat, Beyoncé had made it to the Forbes list of the ‘America’s Wealthiest Self-made Women of 2017. Beyoncé, born and raised in Houston, is an American singer, songwriter, dancer and an actress.  She rose to fame during the late 90’s.  From then on there was no turning back.  Beyoncé got married to Jay Z, a famous American rapper, and a business man.

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The Wealthiest Celebrity Couple!

Jay Z and Beyoncé have been adding more living spaces to their lavish lives. Their estate empire supersedes the homes that once housed renowned celebrities like Cher, Ricky Martin, Michael Jackson, and Madonna. Their list includes shelters of all sizes, from 190 square-foot space in Miami to a 65000 square-foot residence in East Hampton. It is believed that the couple together might own properties that add up to make a town. Now the couple has set their eyes on Petra and James Stunts Hollywood mansion the crib that was earlier owned by Candy Spelling.  The mansion roughly estimates to $90 Million.

The Bel-Air Estate:

Of lately the couple welcomed their newborn babies and you might be interested to know where the family resides now, and we rightly have the news for you. The family is now residing in a temporary house, that they call the Malibu estate. This one estate eats about $400000 per month. It is a luxurious 6-acre oceanfront estate. After all, Malibu Estate is temporary. The happy parents will soon be owners of the massive Bel-Air estate that is valued at $90 Million and probably they will be moving in soon.

The house is no simple thing. It has a 30000 square feet interior space and an additional 10000 square feet of outdoor space. The house is nothing less than a well-developed city. It has an inbuilt spa, wellness center, media facility, a basketball court, a 15-car garage and four outdoor swimming pools. All glass doors and windows are bulletproof, and that’s not something that we expected. The house also has a separate living quarters for their staff.

If the sources are to be trusted and the estate values are for real, then the Bel Air estate will be the biggest real estate transaction this year. Bel-Air with no doubt will be the costliest Hollywood mansion ever.