We live in a strongly interconnected society, in which a large part of the population is concentrated in urban agglomerations. In addition, the dynamics of human movement on the planet continue to grow exponentially, favoring the spread of diseases. Airborne viruses, such as influenza virus, rhinoviruses or the new virus – SARS-CoV-2 – are transmitted by particles that can be released by symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals. Physiological actions such as coughing, sneezing or even breathing produce aerosols of various sizes, which can carry viruses up to several meters away, causing infections when inhaled. In addition, the new coronavirus can remain on surfaces for up to 72 hours, the contact with those surfaces being another cause of infection. Thus, reducing exposure requires the inactivation of viruses in the air and on actively used surfaces.

EPA approved disinfectant

The most efficient method nowadays is considered to be the electrostatic cleaning with the help of devices that nebulize a biocide EPA approved disinfectant solution.

Disinfection by nebulization is also known as cold mist, or ULV spray, being performed with the help of special applicators. This treatment for the elimination of viruses and bacteria is used for any type of indoor space, being particularly efficient even in the most difficult to reach areas, ensuring a complete disinfection. This means that in the next period, you will have the opportunity to live/ work in much cleaner area, without risk of contamination.

Nebulization is a procedure that converts chemical disinfectant from the liquid state into volatile micro particles, with a size between 4 and 15 microns that act quickly and safely to neutralize viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. These particles are electrostatically charged to attach to surfaces that need to be cleaned.

Electrostatic spraying services provide the disinfection of the entire volume of a space with the help of these micro particles. Every millimeter of surfaces and any object in an enclosure, with any geometry is thus sanitized, being covered by the chemical particles that float and generates a fog effect. The substance used for nebulization does not affect food or clothes, therefore people may use the sanitized premises shortly after disinfection. Moreover, this type of disinfection is not harmful to people with asthma, or to allergic people, because it kills fungi too, eliminating effects such as sneezing, skin irritations etc.

No volatile organic compounds are formed, due to the rapid decomposition of more than 99.9% of the mist, which leaves nothing behind after acting. Volumes between 1m3 and 2000m3 can be treated very efficiently with this method.

Electrostatic spraying services do not produce moisture or paracetic acid, so they are not corrosive, being safe also for electronic equipment. It does not stain surfaces or generate residues.

Coronavirus and other viruses are destroyed under the action of biocides, and the 3D effect of electrostatic spraying resets the biocidal history, removing the entire microaeroflora from the disinfected space.

Electrostatic spraying services can be used successfully in the following applications:

  • storage spaces for fruits and vegetables
  • medical areas
  • schools, kindergartens
  • residential spaces
  • halls and production or storage spaces
  • retail stores
  • restaurants
  • transportation means: cars, public transport, special vehicles, airplanes
  • greenhouses etc.