The idea of buying big and tall office chairs was often considered to be one related to comfort and subtle professional intimidation. A manager or director would get a larger chair to solidify his or her position as a “top dog” in the company through enhanced charisma and even influence.


However, nowadays these dated concepts no longer apply in most workplaces, and modern day tall chairs – although still somewhat intimidating to a certain extent – are built more for the purpose of enhancing comfort and health, and less to achieve power-related goals.


Features to Consider When Buying Larger Chairs


Larger chairs can be great both in a dynamic office environment and when you spend most of your time at your desk. They are usually more supportive and versatile than smaller mesh and leather chairs, being able to offer full support from your lower back and waist all the way up to your neck and shoulders.


The following are a few of the practical and comfort-related features you might want to consider in your new big and tall office chair:


  • A sturdier base should be the first thing you look for. Instead of the classic 5-leg base, consider a base with 7 or more legs for better stability and long term resilience.
  • A tilt tension adjuster feature will provide you with better support when you lean back into your chair after a long day’s work. This feature is particularly important for heavier individuals.
  • Mesh upholstery is often better for these types of chairs than leather or other materials. This is simply because open mesh is more breathable, and the large surface area that comes in contact with your back will need this advantage.
  • Finally, make sure the chair you buy has adjustable arm rests. They will allow you to more easily adjust to a natural position and get the support and comfort you’ve always wanted.


Are the Cost Differences Worth It?


The cost of big and tall office chairs can be somewhat higher than that of most types of office chairs. So the question is, should you consider getting them, and are the advantages of the added support and personalized comfort of a larger chair worth the additional expense?


Depending on your budget, you will have to consider the pros and cons of this decision yourself. It is important to weigh all the considerations involved and make sure you have all the facts before making your decision. However, even if the cost of a larger chair might be doubled, a resilient tall chair could last you for years to come. Considering the fact that in that time you will spend most of your office hours seated, the question of buying a more ergonomic chair is no longer one of comfort, it’s also one of health.


Instead of spending thousands of dollars on medicine, chiropractors and advanced treatments over the next few years – not to mention all the hassle that your frequent visits to the doctor might cause – you’ll find that the more practical and healthier option will be to just buy the best chair and keep it for as long as it lasts.