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A three-bedroom, two-bath renovated log home, with antique wide-plank floors, a finished lower level, central air-conditioning, a mud room, a front porch and a deck, on 4.33 acres.

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More than 9,200 square feet, it has seven bedrooms and seven and a half baths. It was renovated last year, opening up the floor plan to make it “more family-friendly.”

Creative Apartment

Owned by the interior designer Kara Mann, retains many early details, including wide-plank pine floors, doors with original hardware, windows with antique glass and ceilings with exposed beams.

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What You Need to Know as A First-Time Home Buyer

homes for sale in Denver

First-time home buyers are usually very optimistic and energetic when they start the process of searching for, bidding on and negotiating the price for the dream home, but they are soon discouraged by the obstacles they encounter and put off by the complexity of the process. Buying your first home is not easy, but realistic expectations and knowledge about what a property purchase involves can give you more confidence. Here are some things to know about.

The Importance of Starting Early

Whatever your financial situation, it can surely be better – the better your credit score when you apply for a loan to buy a home or for a pre-approval letter, the more favorable the repayment conditions will be. Improving finances takes time, so take a look at what your balance looks like now and figure out ways to consolidate it. If you have multiple debts, such as a personal loan and credit card debts, figure out how you can pay them off or how you can roll them all into one debt with better conditions. Be prepared that you will need several months to obtain a better credit score, so try to not rush things. When you are ready, get a mortgage pre-approval from your bank or from multiple loan lenders – that way, you will be able to choose the best loan construction and you will also be able to accelerate the property purchase process by proving the sellers that you are reliable.

Research the Available Financial Solutions

Taking out a loan is not the only way to obtain the money you need to buy your first home. There are many state-level and municipal-level assistance programs for first-time home buyers, so it is a good idea to check whether you are eligible for such assistance.

Determine the Parameters of the Property

Once you know exactly how much you can afford to spend on your new home, it is time to determine your requirements in terms of the features of the property. Determine the size and the layout that will work best for you. Find the homes for sale in Denver neighborhoods that seem attractive and also think about the amenities you need in your neighborhood, such as good education, public transport or a good restaurant scene.

Handling the Search on Your Own or Turning to a Real Estate Agent?

Both methods have their own pros and cons that you should know about. Real estate agents work for commissions, but they have access to databases and they have their own network of contacts that they can use to find the ideal property for you. Real estate agents also know how to handle the paperwork related to the transaction and how to make sure that the contract your sign includes only terms that are acceptable for you.

The big advantage of handling the home buying process yourself is not having to spend money on commissions, but if this is the option of choice, be prepared that you the entire home purchasing process might take longer and that you might be exposed to more stress that way.

Getting Your House Sold Quickly – 4 Essential Tips to Consider

sell house fast Denver

Sometimes you don’t have weeks or months to wait around until you sell your house, get all your documents in order, or even find a buyer willing to provide you with a good offer. As a result, you might want to consider talking to a real estate agency or an individual realtor who knows about how you can sell your home more quickly. The following tips will prepare you for that and for the general process of selling your house faster and what it might entail.

Do Your Research in Advance

The first thing you have to consider is that selling a house is no easy or simple matter, even if you’re willing to drop your price well below the normal market. You’ll have to do some research and talk to realtors to try to evaluate how much your home is worth. It’s also a good idea to find out which types of remodels or renovations might be better for increasing your home’s value or curb appeal, and look up some general estimates as to how long and complicated the entire process will be – from your first meeting with your realtor, to the last handshake after the completion of the closing process.

Don’t Rely on a Cheap and Inexperienced Realtor

If you have a lot of time on your hands, then it’s fine to hire an inexperienced realtor. They might be more honest and helpful in some situations, especially compared to agents with less integrity who will want to work less for more money. However, when you want to sell your home fast, you’ll find experience is of the utmost essence. An experienced realtor will know when they can cut corners and when they absolutely can’t, and they already have good contacts, an excellent sphere of influence and connections among the best contractors, appraisers, lawyers and financial experts, who can advise you on issues that might otherwise take a long time to sort through.

Get Involved in the Process

Don’t leave everything up to your realtor when it comes to initiating contact. A busy real estate agent might neglect to call you right away when a good offer presents itself, or they might prioritize communicating to clients that are louder and more vocal. It’s important to make sure that you get involved in the selling process by calling to ask for updates, being proactive regarding the things you have to do and the documents you have to present, and getting as much practical information from your real estate agent as you can.

Consider Selling Your Home  for Cash

It can happen that you’re really pressed for time, you have to pay off some debts, or you’re moving and would like to sell all your properties in the city and start anew. In such cases, you might not have the time, energy or ability to list all your properties through conventional means. Some older, or more broken down houses  can be sold more efficiently for cash money. Consider talking to a reliable “sell house fast Denver” real estate agency regarding your options, especially if your home has been listed for some time without attracting any good offers.

What Are the Risks of Not Having a Strong Computer Backup Plan?

solution IT managed services 

During the last decade, computers have become essential tools for all kinds of businesses and have increased the need for managed IT services Denver area. Apart from running software suites that help people work more efficiently, they fulfill a critical role: they store data.


And data is the most valuable asset for most businesses. They contain confidential client agreements, accounting records, sales data, the employees’ personal data, etc. Without these data, most businesses would be unable to function.


The Impact of Data Loss on Businesses

If a computer malfunctions and you lose the data on it, your business is seriously at risk. According to statistics:

  • 94% of companies never fully recover after a major data loss incident
  • 70% of small businesses close within 12 months after data loss
  • 43% of small businesses never reopen after losing their data.


So, how does data get lost? And what is the role of a computer backup plan in this issue?


How Does Computer Malfunction Cause Data Loss?

Computers can break down in several ways. In many cases, they can be repaired or you can replace a defective part. However, when the hard disk drive (HDD) breaks down, you may be unable to fix it.


Or, if repair is possible, it may come with the cost of losing all the data stored on it. In other cases, a HDD can be held hostage by hackers, who encrypt all the data on it. They will ask you to pay a lot of money to give you back access to your information. Paying this cyber ransom is no guarantee that the hackers will actually do what they said.


What Is a Computer Backup Plan?

Data backup is the process of creating a copy of all your files and folders and storing it in a different location than the computer where it is originally stored. Many IT admins create an entire virtual image of a computer HDD, allowing you to restore not only your files and folders, but also all the software suites installed on that computer.


Here are just a few best practices for creating a strong computer backup plan:


  1. Create a Schedule for Data Backup

You should create a schedule for backing up all the data on the computers in your business. Once every month, you should instruct all your employees to back up their data on the storage facility you have selected.


  1. Consider Where You Save Backup Copies

The next step is considering where you keep backup copies of your data. You have several options:

  • Another computer
  • An external HDD
  • A memory stick
  • CD/DVD
  • Cloud storage services.


The most important consideration is the safety of the backup solution. A computer, HDD or memory stick can malfunction. CDs and DVDs are easily broken or stolen. In this context, cloud storage services appear the safest option.


  1. Control the Access to Data Backup

Once you decide where to backup company data, you must decide who can access it, in order to restore lost documents. This access should be restricted to the persons who actually perform data restoring, and to you, as the business owner.

How Does Air Quality Affect Animals?

beef industry news

We all know how the quality of air that we breathe affects our life, how clean, fresh, oxygen-rich air is beneficial for our entire body and promotes our health, but the quality of the air affects not only the health and life of the human being – the health of animals is also impacted by the amounts of pollutants found in air. Here are some facts and thoughts on the topic.

What Is Air Pollution?

Beef industry news sources report that air pollution is the process of releasing solid particles, gases and aerosols into the air. These compounds and particles then modify the composition of the atmosphere and have direct harmful effects on the health of any living organism exposed to the polluted air as well as many indirect effects that arise from the fact that all natural systems are interconnected and rely heavily on each other for survival and growth.

Effects on Pets

The household pets exposed to polluted air for too long are at a higher risk of developing respiratory affections, skin problems, cardiovascular diseases and tumors than the pets that breathe healthy, fresh air. The pets that are frequently taken out for walks in heavily circulated areas are even more at risk because their body height makes them more vulnerable to inhaling the exhaust gas of cars.

Effects on Birds

Unfortunately, the creatures that move around high up in the air and build their nests at heights are also exposed to severe risks because of air pollution. The biggest harm is caused by the power plants that burn coal, but any uncontrolled or poorly controlled industrial activity can be harmful for avian creatures. They are also affected indirectly, by the pollution of wetlands and of other types of land where they hunt for food.

Effects on Fish

When polluted air meets rain, the resulting precipitation becomes acidulous. When that acid rain reaches into streams, rivers and lakes and the pollutants collected by the rain from the air are transferred into the natural bodies of water, the fish living in those waters can suffer from respiratory distress and other forms of harm that has caused many fish species to disappear and continues to put other species at risk of extinction.

Effects on Insects

Insects are also very sensitive to air pollution. They sense and react to even the smallest changes in air quality and they are easily driven away from their usual habitats by any modification in the composition of the air around. As insects play an important role in the food chain, providing nutrition for birds, fish and other animals, the disappearance of insect species or a decrease in their population can have grave consequences for the species that feed on them.

The insect species that are the most resilient are also the ones that do not feed on organic waste. If air pollution can change the composition of the species that inhabit a particular area, driving away the species that do consume organic waste, the process can lead to an accumulation of organic waste in that area.

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