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A three-bedroom, two-bath renovated log home, with antique wide-plank floors, a finished lower level, central air-conditioning, a mud room, a front porch and a deck, on 4.33 acres.

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More than 9,200 square feet, it has seven bedrooms and seven and a half baths. It was renovated last year, opening up the floor plan to make it “more family-friendly.”

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Owned by the interior designer Kara Mann, retains many early details, including wide-plank pine floors, doors with original hardware, windows with antique glass and ceilings with exposed beams.

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Preparing for a DIY Gutter Installation – Tips and Important Considerations to Remember

When it comes to DIY gutter installation, tips you can use are many. Whether you have to install gutters on a larger home, or you require a more special installation, following the right instructions before getting to work can make the difference between a successful project and one that might just turn out to be a waste of time.

The tips below should help you prevent that and assist in laying the groundwork for your DIY gutter installation project without any unwanted aftereffects.

Measure and Purchase the Right Length of Gutters

installation of plastic leaf guards on a gutterIt’s important to attach rain gutters firmly to the fascia and have them run the whole length of the roof. Before setting to work on installing your gutters, or even purchasing them for that matter, it’s important to find out exactly how much you need.

To determine that, simply measure the gutter run along the fascia, and for lengthier gutter runs, make sure you account for positioning them to pitch down from the center. Also, account for fascia brackets being placed at a distance of at most 32 inches from each other.

To conduct a proper measurement, first identify the highest point from which your gutter can run, and use a chalk to mark the start point and end point of your gutters. To calculate the precise slope of the gutter system, account for a downward inclination of .25 of an inch for every 10 feet of laid gutter material. The chalk line should go straight along the fascia, following the slope and ending at the determined end point (the lowest point where the fascia meets your new rain gutters). From there, determining and purchasing the correct length of gutters will be an easy task.

Types of Materials to Consider

When it comes to DIY gutter installation tips you can use, none are more important than those advising you of the types of gutter materials you can consider purchasing. The best approach is to determine what you need from your new gutters, and keep in mind the main advantages of each type of gutter material – not just in terms of price and durability, but also when it comes to ease of installation:

  • Plastic can be easy to work with and light, its installation process not lasting too long. You can simply click its sections together, and it only requires some minor maintenance tasks.
  • Aluminum is more robust and almost equally light. There are many different joining systems to choose from, and you can also prepare continuous gutters, if you have the skills and equipment.
  • Cast iron is much harder and heavier, despite its traditional appeal. It also needs to be painted, and you’ll need to use nuts and bolts to set it into place.
  • Finally, you can consider copper as a more durable installation. Despite its higher price, copper can be extremely attractive and efficient when used for gutters, and its lighter weight makes installing it a total breeze.

Before Mounting the Gutters

Before you mount your new gutters, you have to follow a few essential steps that require some technical skill. Cutting the gutters and attaching gutter brackets are the first, and they can be quite challenging.

Ultimately, the process will also require marking the right spot for the downspout, attaching the downspout connectors and mounting the gutters and downspout. You can get additional DIY gutter installation tips to help you with these tasks by contacting experienced roofers Fayetteville AR local contractors.

Roof Repair Tips for Homeowners – DIY Repairs for Your Metal Roof

roofing trouble - damage to shingles that needs repair and maintenance Although there are many potential roof repair tips for homeowners who own metal roofing systems, it’s important to start with the basics. Do you know how to fix a simple leak? Have you worked on metal roofs in the past? And more importantly, do you have the necessary tools, knowledge and practical understanding to tackle the simplest problems associated with your roof?

If you answered yes to most of those questions, then you’re definitely ready to go; but not before you consider a few preliminary preparation tasks that will help you get everything ready for your DIY roof repair activities.

Research Your Options and Have Your Roof Inspected

Which type of metal roof do you own? There are many different varieties, including metal panel roofing, steel roofs, copper and aluminum roofing systems, and many others. Before starting, find out more about the actual construction and materials of your roof, and research what you need – in terms of materials and equipment – for a smooth repair process.

Next, inspect your roof to find the problem. If you need to, call in professional Colorado Springs roofing companies that know all about metal roofing systems, and ask them about some of the most common issues that these types of roofing materials have and what the main solutions are. In most cases, leaks and damaged areas will be easy to spot, while a deeper problem with the ventilation or decking might be more illusive. As long as the problem isn’t too difficult to solve, the most typical roof repair tips for homeowners should do the trick.

Fixing Different Types of Metal Roofs

Depending on the extent of your roof’s damage, you might need to replace it entirely or consider a complete roof coating. Spot repairs are typically better suited to roofing systems that have only some superficial surface damage in specific areas, so that the repairs can be completed without much hassle.

One of the main fixes you might require is sheet metal flashing repair. While the best course of action is to replace your flashing entirely, that might not be an option if you don’t have the budget. Instead, you’ll have to inspect the structural integrity of the flashing and add some mesh or seam tape to the affected area to seal it off and prevent any leaks.

Fastener repairs and fixing problems such as broken or missing screws might also be important if you own a metal roof. As the roof contracts and expands because of temperature changes, these can become a serious issue over time, and need to be dealt with immediately. The simplest fix is to re-screw the old screws or replace them with the same size screws, if they are rusted or broken. If the wood that the screws are driven in is rusted, then you may need to at least partially replace the wood substrate.

Screw holes may also present rust damage that can quickly lead to corrosion and impaired structural integrity in the long run. To prevent that, replace the affected individual roof panel with a new metal panel. Also, in some cases, when the rust isn’t that bad, one of the best roof repair tips for homeowners is to place liquid rubber on rusted out areas, not just to cover the rust for aesthetic purposes, but also to inhibit rust expansion in the near future.

How to Ensure Ideal Comfort: Should You Buy Big and Tall Office Chairs?

The idea of buying big and tall office chairs was often considered to be one related to comfort and subtle professional intimidation. A manager or director would get a larger chair to solidify his or her position as a “top dog” in the company through enhanced charisma and even influence.


However, nowadays these dated concepts no longer apply in most workplaces, and modern day tall chairs – although still somewhat intimidating to a certain extent – are built more for the purpose of enhancing comfort and health, and less to achieve power-related goals.


Features to Consider When Buying Larger Chairs


Larger chairs can be great both in a dynamic office environment and when you spend most of your time at your desk. They are usually more supportive and versatile than smaller mesh and leather chairs, being able to offer full support from your lower back and waist all the way up to your neck and shoulders.


The following are a few of the practical and comfort-related features you might want to consider in your new big and tall office chair:


  • A sturdier base should be the first thing you look for. Instead of the classic 5-leg base, consider a base with 7 or more legs for better stability and long term resilience.
  • A tilt tension adjuster feature will provide you with better support when you lean back into your chair after a long day’s work. This feature is particularly important for heavier individuals.
  • Mesh upholstery is often better for these types of chairs than leather or other materials. This is simply because open mesh is more breathable, and the large surface area that comes in contact with your back will need this advantage.
  • Finally, make sure the chair you buy has adjustable arm rests. They will allow you to more easily adjust to a natural position and get the support and comfort you’ve always wanted.


Are the Cost Differences Worth It?


The cost of big and tall office chairs can be somewhat higher than that of most types of office chairs. So the question is, should you consider getting them, and are the advantages of the added support and personalized comfort of a larger chair worth the additional expense?


Depending on your budget, you will have to consider the pros and cons of this decision yourself. It is important to weigh all the considerations involved and make sure you have all the facts before making your decision. However, even if the cost of a larger chair might be doubled, a resilient tall chair could last you for years to come. Considering the fact that in that time you will spend most of your office hours seated, the question of buying a more ergonomic chair is no longer one of comfort, it’s also one of health.


Instead of spending thousands of dollars on medicine, chiropractors and advanced treatments over the next few years – not to mention all the hassle that your frequent visits to the doctor might cause – you’ll find that the more practical and healthier option will be to just buy the best chair and keep it for as long as it lasts.

Real Estate Empire Of The Wealthiest Couple In The USA

Real Estate Empire Of The Wealthiest Couple In The USA


Jay Z and Beyoncé, as a couple, have always made the headlines for all right reasons, and 2017 is no different to it. They are officially recognized as the billion-dollar couple of 2017. To add a feather to her hat, Beyoncé had made it to the Forbes list of the ‘America’s Wealthiest Self-made Women of 2017. Beyoncé, born and raised in Houston, is an American singer, songwriter, dancer and an actress.  She rose to fame during the late 90’s.  From then on there was no turning back.  Beyoncé got married to Jay Z, a famous American rapper, and a business man.

Real Estate 0.1

The Wealthiest Celebrity Couple!

Jay Z and Beyoncé have been adding more living spaces to their lavish lives. Their estate empire supersedes the homes that once housed renowned celebrities like Cher, Ricky Martin, Michael Jackson, and Madonna. Their list includes shelters of all sizes, from 190 square-foot space in Miami to a 65000 square-foot residence in East Hampton. It is believed that the couple together might own properties that add up to make a town. Now the couple has set their eyes on Petra and James Stunts Hollywood mansion the crib that was earlier owned by Candy Spelling.  The mansion roughly estimates to $90 Million.

The Bel-Air Estate:

Of lately the couple welcomed their newborn babies and you might be interested to know where the family resides now, and we rightly have the news for you. The family is now residing in a temporary house, that they call the Malibu estate. This one estate eats about $400000 per month. It is a luxurious 6-acre oceanfront estate. After all, Malibu Estate is temporary. The happy parents will soon be owners of the massive Bel-Air estate that is valued at $90 Million and probably they will be moving in soon.

The house is no simple thing. It has a 30000 square feet interior space and an additional 10000 square feet of outdoor space. The house is nothing less than a well-developed city. It has an inbuilt spa, wellness center, media facility, a basketball court, a 15-car garage and four outdoor swimming pools. All glass doors and windows are bulletproof, and that’s not something that we expected. The house also has a separate living quarters for their staff.

If the sources are to be trusted and the estate values are for real, then the Bel Air estate will be the biggest real estate transaction this year. Bel-Air with no doubt will be the costliest Hollywood mansion ever.

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